[LAU] Audio editor for editing a 90-minute-long file?

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sat Jun 14 12:07:42 EDT 2008

Ken Restivo:
>>> There are actually very good reasons to use ardour for post-processing of
>>> live-recordings:
>>>  - Its completely non-destructive, even if you slice your 2-hour-file into
>>> 10-seconds snippets and rearrange them and delete them one-by-one, you still
>>> don't loose the material. Yes, you should have backups, but who knows...
>>>  - Its _very_ easy to apply mastering effects over the whole session. (And
>>> with the jamin-control-plugin you can change settings between songs.)
>>>  - And all editing on effects and automation is non-destructive too. That is
>>> very nice compared to clicking "apply effect (silence)", having the computer
>>> work for ten minutes and the realize that a) its the wrong effect and b)
>>> the "create undo" wasn't selected.
>>>  - ardour is definitely not trying to load the whole 2-hour file into ram...
>> Don't forget the CD markers -> TOC export for creating CDs easily with
>> Ardour.  Works great for live CDs where you want to add track
>> boundaries with no gaps for disk-at-once burning.
> That's it. Next time I will use Ardour.
> It would be very nice to split a 90-minute liveset up into multiple, 
> song-length WAV's, but it was too much hassle to do that in Audacity. I 
> suspect it'd be very easy to do in Ardour.

It is very easy to do that in Snd. Snd also handles large files
appropriately (by reading from harddisk while playing and using cached 
peak files). Using snd-ls, you can just mark the area you want in a new 
file, and right click, select copy to new or save selection.

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