[LAU] looking for alternatives to ac3jack, because it just won't build

Justin Smith noisesmith at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 15:58:49 EDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Eric Steinberg
<eric.steinberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm unable to build ac3jack on my Hardy system; stuck in dependency hell.
> Is there another way to output an AC3 stream so that I can mix audio for
> DVD?  Or is there a .deb somewhere for ac3jack?
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mencoder will convert just about any audio to ac3. I have heard of
trouble using mencoder to make mpeg for dvd burning, but you should be
able to at least convert the audio from pcm to ac3 using mencoder (I
think your command line options would end up being something like
"mencoder <foo.wav> -ovc null -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=ac3". I am
not totally sure how to handle not having a video stream for the
conversion (perhaps mplayer is needed with the -dumpaudio option?).
The command line is a bit hairy for mencoder but I am sure there is a
way to make it do what you want here).

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