[LAU] Xruns on Ubuntu 8.04, two machines

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Wed Jun 18 07:36:44 EDT 2008

Rui Nuno Capela skreiv:
> the RT blinking is a recent "feature" of QjackCtl. you can turn it off 
> in the Setup/Display/Blink server mode display option if you don't like 
> it :)
> the RT indication being there, either blinking or not, is a simple 
> indication that the jack server is running in real-time mode. the 
> blinking is just some lousy eye-candy, nothing more, nothing less ...
> it just happens that qjackctl displays new xruns and blinks at the very 
> same time (~2 second period). the xruns are happening in between (and 
> count reported as "skipped") it just doesn't matter whether the RT 
> indicator is blinking or not.

Thanks for the input!

On the PC with the Delta66 I discovered that the "Master Clock" option 
was set to SPDIF. Once I set it to 44100, the usecs-messages stopped 
coming, and they came back at the same moment that I put it back on 
SPDIF. There's nothing connected to the SPDIF. Is this a bug or just 
natural behaviour...?

As for the Behringer UCA202 USB cards, I've disabled ACPI on the laptop, 
and that seems to make a big difference. However, there are still xruns 
with relatively conservative settings. Are there any further tweaks to 
be made, or should I just get a non-crap portable soundcard..? As far as 
I recall it worked better on Ubuntu 7.04, but I didn't really crash-test 
it there.

Thanks for any further input.

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