[LAU] Crackling in ZynAddSubFX

Peter Lutz peter at gotsomeideas.com
Fri Jun 20 18:54:51 EDT 2008

I'm very new to Linux audio recording, so I apologize in advance if I'm
missing something obvious.

I have a brand new computer with an M-Audio Delta 44 audio card running the
latest version of Ubuntu Studio 8.04. I've been experimenting with software
synthesizers using a USB MIDI keyboard, and I've managed to get QSynth
working very well and have had some success recording that. I thought I'd
try ZynAddSubFX since it sounds amazing. The problem I'm having is that the
sound crackles (that's the best word I can think of to describe it) when I
play it. The very odd thing I've discovered though is that if I record
ZynAddSubFX in Ardour, I don't hear any crackling during playback of the
recording. It's only as I'm listening to ZynAdd in real-time as I play it.
I've tried using different speakers and headphones, but it makes no

I suppose I could just record it and try to ignore the crackling as I play,
but it would obviously be ideal to have no crackling at all.

I've tried tweaking both the ZynAdd settings and JACK settings (although my
guess is that JACK settings are fine, since I haven't had any issues with
recording live instruments or recording QSynth) but to no avail. I have the
sample rate in ZynAdd matching the one in JACK (48000Hz) and have tried
different buffer sizes in ZynAdd but haven't noticed a difference. I've also
noticed that it usually doesn't crackle when I'm using the default
instrument in ZynAdd, only once I switch to a different one -- then it seems
pretty continuous no matter which instrument I switch to after that.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?
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