[LAU] dial/knob animations

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sat Jun 21 10:25:10 EDT 2008

pete shorthose wrote:
> Hey Dave. if your build isn't much different to 0.11.1 then something 
> like this should suffice:
>  wget http://www.zenadsl6252.zen.co.uk/dotknob/spectral-dot-knob_100_frames_31x31.png
>  sudo cp spectral-dot-knob_100_frames_31x31.png /usr/local/share/phasex/pixmaps/knob.png
> using which version you prefer and your phasex installation prefix. 
> then, re/start phasex :)
Worked perfectly, thanks Pete !

Now to do something about that background in Phasex...

> at the time, i intended to submit another patch to add recoloring
> and a file chooser for the animations but then i intend to do an
> awful lot of things these days and subsequently don't.
> i'm not sure that Will Weston (phasex author) is currently available
> to approve patches anyway.
I've never heard from him. I wrote an article about Phasex, never heard 
a thing from him. He seems to have dropped off the LA* lists. Too bad, I 
like that synth.

> if you are not au fait with blender and want some specific changes
> to the animations, just give me a shout and i'll see if i can oblige
> at all. 
Thanks, I appreciate that offer. I'm not up on Blender at all, though 
it's on my ToDo list of things to get into. I'm working with some other 
A/V apps, sooner or later I have to consider Blender and its capabilities.

Best regards,


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