[LAU] Symphonic Orchestra on Linux

Tuukka Jääskeläinen tuukka.j at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 06:01:05 EDT 2008

Hi! Thanks for all of your replies!

 Another option, yet not as powerful, is using gigasamples. We have
> LinuxSampler, it can read gigasamples from gigasampler2, but I think not
> (yet) gigastudio3.

Are you sure Linuxsampler can't read gigastudio 3? It seems that in the
Features-page it states that there is support for gigastudio 3, and it seems
to be implemented for the most parts, mainly missing convolution (whatever
that is). And what do you mean with "not as powerful"?

I'd rather not use Kontakt in any form, as I've had some rather bad
experiences with it (e.g. Kontakt deciding after a week of decent workflow
that the patches that came with it are not for the version I'm using). After
some search it seems that the Sonic Impact's Symphonic-products are the
thing as they ship it in Gigastudio 3-format.

Many people complain about ardour not looking like cubase. Just forget
everything you know about cubase except one thing; you also had to
learn cubase in the past.

That's true and although the UI is way different from what I've used to, the
basic functionality is the same.

- Tuukka J. / 100% of Solarians
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