[LAU] Symphonic Orchestra on Linux

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Jun 23 06:31:59 EDT 2008

   I'm not sure about the gigastudio3. I just thought I remembered that much. I 
only have a few gigasampler2 samples here.
   Convolution: You could simply say it's a very nice and realistic form of 
reverb. Some sample-libraries (especially classic instruments) include the 
reverb of their original concert hall.
   with "not as powerful" I meant not as powerful as instruments shipping as 
VST instruments or shipped with Kontakt player 2. As I've read it, they 
include a lot of features only reachable by the shipped UI. There's just some 
more "background logic" included. Whereas a "simple" sampling library, only 
including the recorded sound and mapping it to MIDI keys, just can produce 
played notes with no big differences or random variations or instantly and 
easily available alternative playing techniques. Say Strings: bowed, plucked, 
etc. tec.
   But don't get me wrong: I like my gigasamples and I'm fine with 
LinuxSampler, I just think it doesn't compare to the features of the quantum 
leap orchestra yet.
   Kindest regards

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