[LAU] Symphonic Orchestra on Linux

Christian Delahousse christian.delahousse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 09:25:40 EDT 2008

Check out this thread. Its about a person needing orchestral sampling under
linux and really being happy with the results.


I found it really helpful.

2008/6/23 Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de>:

> Hi!
>   I'm not sure about the gigastudio3. I just thought I remembered that
> much. I
> only have a few gigasampler2 samples here.
>   Convolution: You could simply say it's a very nice and realistic form of
> reverb. Some sample-libraries (especially classic instruments) include the
> reverb of their original concert hall.
>   with "not as powerful" I meant not as powerful as instruments shipping as
> VST instruments or shipped with Kontakt player 2. As I've read it, they
> include a lot of features only reachable by the shipped UI. There's just
> some
> more "background logic" included. Whereas a "simple" sampling library, only
> including the recorded sound and mapping it to MIDI keys, just can produce
> played notes with no big differences or random variations or instantly and
> easily available alternative playing techniques. Say Strings: bowed,
> plucked,
> etc. tec.
>   But don't get me wrong: I like my gigasamples and I'm fine with
> LinuxSampler, I just think it doesn't compare to the features of the
> quantum
> leap orchestra yet.
>    Kindest regards
>          Julien
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