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Bert Visser bourdon at kabelfoon.net
Thu Jun 26 11:23:46 EDT 2008

> Thanks for the information!
> I have a maudio audiophile 24/96 isn't that enough to connect (multiple) 
> instruments?
This card (like most cards) has only one Midi I/O so if you want to 
connect more instruments you need some kind of midimerger like a 
Midisport, that is when you're using Din cables. With USB everything is 
much simpler. Unfortunately the NP 30 does not have USB.
> About the sounds, what are sounds which are used a lot in 'light' music?
> I know and like the hammond organ sounds and the Rhodes sounds.....
> Is there a piano / keyboard which can make those sounds too?
I'm in no way an expert on this but I do know that almost every keyboard 
has quite a lot of this sort of sounds onboard. Yamaha's keyboards, even 
the small ones, usually have 7 or 8 different piano's and about the same 
amount of e-piano's like Rhodes sounds and also a variety of organ 
sounds including Hammond.
Mind you, the Yamaha NP 30 has a lot less: 2 grand-piano's, 2 e-piano's, 
2 churchorgans (no Hammond!), strings, 2 harpsichords and vibraphone. 
Most digital piano's have only this smaller amount of voices, because 
they focus more on action than on hundreds of sounds.
> And how does software sounds on linux (inclusive commercial) compare to 
> sounds (modules) of keyboards?
> Can you compare the rhodes soundfont with such a sound made with a (not 
> to expensive) keyboard?
I've only once fiddled around a bit with a Rhodes soundfont (jRhodes3) 
and I liked it but I hardly ever use it. To me it sounded quite like the 
sounds on my keyboards (Yamaha PSR 540 and Roland EXS 3s) but I don't 
feel myself qualified to really compare these. I did find the dynamic 
range of the build-in e-piano's far greater than the soundfont's one; 
maybe other soundfonts are better in this way.


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