[LAU] Laptop Sound Adapter for Ripping my Vinyl Album Collection

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Fri Jun 27 12:52:53 EDT 2008

Kevin Cosgrove skreiv:
> What would you recommend as a sound adapter for this job, and why?

You could check out the Rane Serato SL-1, which is said to work with 
ALSA and the xwax vinyl timecode system. It is USB, and it has a 
built-in RIAA amp. I haven't tested this myself, but you might want to 
look into it. As far as I understand it is detected as a standard 
soundcard, so it could be used for what you're trying to do, not only 
for timecode vinyl. Here's a guide on setting it up:

For a cheaper solution I'd recommend to get a home amplifier with a good 
RIAA amp, plug it into some good device with a decent A/D converter and 
SPDIF out (a DAT player, for example), and plug that SPDIF into some 
mid-range soundcard. DAT players and home amps can be bought second hand 
pretty cheaply, and I think this would give a good price vs quality ratio.

Good luck!

Ringheims Auto - Fri musikk for bilstereo!

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