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R.Wolff musicwolf at web.de
Wed Nov 5 01:46:08 EST 2008

Sean Darby schrieb:
>>> If I get a mixer with the "Delta 1010LT", will I need the ADA8000?
>>> Does the 1010LT already serve as an A/D D/A converter?
>> Yes, the Delta 1010LT already serves as an A/D D/A (they're on the PCI board).
>> And it won't take any outboard converters bigger than a two-channel S/PDIF
>> interface (a mic-Pre i.e with digital outs).
> By "outboard converter" do you mean something kind of like the Behringer
> ADA8000 A/D D/A converter?
> I think that is 8 channels, so I'm guessing it wouldn't be appropriate
> for use with the Delta 1010LT.

Your guessing right. A Behringer ADA8000 won't fit for the Delta 1010LT.
But you could connect any piece of gear that provides a 2-channel digital output
via S/PDIF
to the co-ax inputs on the Delta.

> Do you mean that a separate 2-channel mic pre-amp unit that converts A/D
> (from the XLR to S/PDIF) would work with something like the 1010LT?

There are a few Mic Pre's or Mono/Stereo Channel strips equipped with a digital
or an option to buy an additional dig. out expansion.

> If I do get a mixer, like the analog Yamaha MG166C, I'm guessing I can
> get an extra pair of XLR cables and hook those 2 cords from the mixer
> into the 2 XLRs on the 1010LT device. Or am I totally backwards? ;)

No, your straight forward. :D
Myself I have a 1010LT as well, and I hooked a Behringer 2442FX-Pro mixer to it.
The way I do it, is I connect the 'SUBGROUPS' 3 & 4 to the XLR inputs of
the 1010LT, as this gives me a balanced connection. The rest of the I/O's are
so I hooked the 'Direct Out' of the first 6 mixer channels to the other inputs
of the Delta,
for 6 Mono instruments or any combination of Mono/Stereo (through paired inputs)
plus a
Stereo stream through the Sub 3/4, where I could send any additional instruments
as well if
I need more than 6 Inputs on the mixer. This gives me 8 tracks to record to (or
4 stereo)
Hope, this gives you some more ideas.

> Thank you! :)
> Sean

You're welcome ;)

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