[LAU] frustration - connecting applications

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Thu Nov 13 09:18:43 EST 2008

"Josh Lawrence":
> Hello everyone,
> Last night, I was successfully able to get a jack midi sequencer,
> non-sequencer, working with non-jack midi applications using a2jmidid.
> I was thrilled!  That is, right up until I looked at what it took to
> get this setup going:
> Start jack, start a2jmidid, start non-sequencer, start whysynth,
> connect and record, disconnect, start another synth, connect,
> etc...Throw Hydrogen into the mix, and now I have to set bpm for all
> applications.  If I don't use Hydrogen, then I need to start
> jack_metro and connect it to jack.
> Yikes!
> I know the "one tool for one job" philosophy, so I am perfectly OK
> with using this many apps.  There's just GOT to be a better way (i.e.,
> less time-consuming, more efficient) of connecting these applications.
> Has anyone encountered this frustration, and have you found a
> solution?  I notice that there are some command-line applications for
> connecting jack (jack plumbing?), I have a sense that the gui is
> slowing me down, and maybe scripting all of this might be better;
> alas, I am horrible at scripting.  :)
> Any and all suggestions would be very, very much appreciated!  I'm
> sooooo close to making this all work...

I have used jack_snapshot for this:
(I also think the guys at the soundwire group at ccrma have made
a similar app.)

Another alternative is qjackctl, which has some setting to save
connections to an xml file.

A third option is using emacs lisp. At least I think someone made
emacs bindings to connect jack apps.

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