[LAU] The perfect distro for linux audio...

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Nov 24 23:02:59 EST 2008

Roger E wrote:

> david wrote:
>> Crypto wrote:
>>> There are very good reasons to have a closer look at sidux. Amongst 
>>> other things: there are packages for dssi-vst, RT kernel, Rosegarden 
>>> etc. which can be installed conveniently via apt-get.
>> I understand Sidux is an attempt to make a usable distro out of 
>> Debian's Unstable repository. I've used it, it's a great distro. Only 
>> drawback I know of is that if you do an upgrade, it becomes pure 
>> Debian Unstable - which sometimes can be very very unstable!
> That is why Sidux has the smxi script for upgrades. The developers keep 
> a constant watch on upgrades and smxi will put a hold on anything that 
> breaks, thereby stabilizing the unstable. I highly recommend using smxi 
> rather than standard upgrade/dist-upgrade for Sidux.  It's probably the 
> best feature of Sidux.

Cool - I didn't know about the smxi script. The times I've run Sidux, 
I've liked it very much.

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