[LAU] LAM etc

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Sat Aug 1 09:29:20 EDT 2009


Thanks for listening, and your comments.

I'm afraid a disasterous crash was never on the cards - not really my
thing, although the 'Apprentice' gets a bit borderline in places :)

Originally I did have a percussive sound the the 'Clockmakers' theme,
but no matter what I did it never sounded right. The sound I finally
used was a happy accident while clicking through various options.

The idea of a cartoon/animation has been mentioned before, and I do
intend to follow up on it.

There is in fact very hard quantisation on all but the lead lines
(which were all played live). I take your point that the timing is a
bit borderline sometimes (although in the 'Apprentice' this is quite
deliberate of course).

Apart from some of the percussion, all the sounds are created in
ZynAddSubFX - even the TickTock. It may surprise you to know that the
'Machine' is totally Zyn.

Thanks for listening, and your very detailed comments.

Will J Godfrey

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