[LAU] resubmitting questions from last week

Paul Neaveill boycotthell2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 22:22:54 EDT 2009

Sorry if someone responded and we missed it, but despite much googling and all of that, am still working on getting my own kernel(s) [2 machines] going with the following as had been suggested last week:


and the other Rock-solid low-latency audio tweaks 
99 ff migration
99 ff posixcputmr
98 ff IRQ-8 (real-time clock)
97 ff audio IRQ
80 rr Jack

Found the preempt_RCU and HZ_1000 spots in the debian/ubuntu kernel hack, still looking for the rest please.? 

** Would really appreciate the assistance with figuring out where/how to put those.

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