[LAU] alsa/xvidcap question

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Aug 4 15:01:58 EDT 2009


On Tuesday 04 August 2009 19:34:50 Dave Phillips wrote:
> My editor at LJ asked an apparently simple question: In an ALSA-only
> environment (no JACK), how can he record system sounds and a mic input
> simultaneously when capturing his desktop with xvidcap ? He's working
> with an hda-nvidia chipset that I also have on one of my machines, so I
> can test any suggestions myself. So far I'm not having much luck
> recording anything other than the mic input with xvidcap. So, any
> suggestions ? Maybe some dmix or asoundrc wizardry ? Please advise if
> more information is needed.
> Of course, this was ridiculously easy with recordmydesktop and JACK. :)

Some chips allow to select the master-out for recording. (Mine has a special 
button to select "Mix" for recording.)
So everything you output from the computer goes on disk.

If you think about it you will notice: a) you shouldn't do software-
monitoring. b) You should turn down your speakers (or use headphones) when 
using the mic.

Have fun,

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