[LAU] In praise of LinuxSampler

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Sat Aug 8 04:49:06 EDT 2009

On Friday August 7 2009 22.33.23 Ken Restivo wrote:
> At Julien's recommendation, I purchased the PMI Steinway Gigasample, and
> downloaded and compiled/optimized LinuxSampler/libgig6/liblinuxsampler on
> my Lenny Debian EEE.
> LinuxSampler is freakin' awesome!

After reading DP's Linuxsampler article in Linux Journal, I finally started 
using it last year; that was _the_ bit of puzzle that made my home 
studio/music system "complete" - well, not that one ever can have a complete 

I purchased the Natural Drum Kit (and started making gigafiles of it with 
Gigedit), First call horns from Big Fish Audio and Dan Dean's Giga Bass 
Collection. Linuxsampler really opened a new world for me.

Can only add my self to the Linuxsampler Praise Club, it's a wonderful piece 
of work. :-)


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