[LAU] In praise of LinuxSampler

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Fri Aug 7 16:33:23 EDT 2009

At Julien's recommendation, I purchased the PMI Steinway Gigasample, and downloaded and compiled/optimized LinuxSampler/libgig6/liblinuxsampler on my Lenny Debian EEE.

LinuxSampler is freakin' awesome!

It's a massive Steinway soundfont, takes up 3.6GB, I loaded it on the 32GB SSD drive in my EEE, and that puppy runs along with all my other synths with no glitches, on a little 1.6Ghz EEE. I can actually hear the sound of the pedals going up and down, and the sound of the dampers settling on the strings when I lift keys up. Ran it through the CALF reverb, and man is it good. Can't wait to try it through jconv.

For years I'd been using a 30MB Steinway soundfont, but fluidsynth choked on it on my little EEE. But LinuxSampler is loving this much more bulky and detailed gigasample.

I have a 1923 Steinway in my backpack. If you had told me 20 years ago that this would be possible, I'd never have believed you.


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