[LAU] Freewheeling, keyboard

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sun Aug 23 15:06:20 EDT 2009

Hi Jesse,

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Jesse Chappell wrote:
>> <thinking_out_loud>
>> Hmmmmm.... what if the fwheeling GUI were used to control sooperlooper....
>> </thinking_out_loud>
> I'm not sure this makes much sense.  What aspects of freewheeling's

Thus the "thinking out loud."  As if to say, "would would a PHB think?"

Let me first say that you have done an awesome job with sooperlooper.  It 
is a first class app, and I love using it.  The only downer (for me) is 
that when I first started looping, I could understand most of FW's gui 
inteitively... whereas sooperlooper required me to RTFM.

> GUI do you think would help the sooperlooper experience?  FW's gui is
> very much tied to that app, regarding the waveform updating, etc.

What's nice is that, out of the box, there's about 16 loops that I can 
have laid out in front of me, visually, to trigger or record or whatever. 
For someone just in to looping... FW gives a nice and fairly intuitive 
GUI.  No sync options, a MIDI implementation out of the box, etc.

The trouble is, for me, it's the DIY GUI that's always crashing.  :-/

I finally have my rig to the point where I can do looping these days... 
and because of sooperlooper's stability I've been using that (and getting 
used to it).  It's very nice, and has lots of features and options that 
(once you get going) makes it much more powerful.

> Ideally SL would have a more performance oriented GUI out of the box
> where space isn't wasted by all the buttons and controls you probably
> have midi controllers for, and it just shows the important things you
> want to see, sized bigger. One day, perhaps....

I dunno... I was more thing a newbie-oriented GUI.

Also, there's a lot of overhead in adding a new loop with slgui.  Each new 
loop takes up a lot of screen space... and takes extra planning and 
abstract thought to set it up with a midi controller of some sort.

Anyway... I'm sure this all stuff you already know (or have heard)... so 
I'll shut up now.  :-)


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