[LAU] ZynAddSubFx and sequenser

Leigh Dyer leigh at eclinic.com.au
Sun Aug 9 22:26:16 EDT 2009

Atte Andre Jensen wrote:
> Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen wrote:
>> I'm looking for at way to get ZynAddSubFX to sound like this approx 14 
>> sek into the video:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rNvZqt6Uc4
>> What do I need to do so, sequenser + ZynAddSubFx or ?
>> Please explain so that a synth novice understands ;)
> I'm not sure you'll understand :-) But you should come close with 
> detuned sawtooth oscs through a lo pass filter. Did that make sense?

Yep, that sounds about right to me too, with a punchy envelope in there
too. ZynAddSubFX is crazy overkill for something like that -- I'd stick
with something like the XSynth DSSI synth or amSynth, which are both
much closer to the (relatively simple) architecture of the MoPho.

> Any sequencer will do, try either muse or rosegarden for the more 
> complete and novice friendly possibilities. 

seq24 is a good option, too for this kind of simple step-sequencing
work. I've been doing this exact thing lately (feeding simple patterns
in to a synth, though in my case it's my Blofeld rather than a
softsynth), and seq24 has been perfect for it.

PS: apologies if this mail ends up coming through twice -- the first 
time I sent it I received a rejection notice saying that I wasn't 
allowed to post to the list. I've un-subbed and re-subbed, so hopefully 
this works.


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