[LAU] A webserver with on-the-fly format conversion?

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Tue Aug 11 16:46:49 EDT 2009


I am working on a site with some friends which among other things allows 
users to upload audio files to be played using a flash based mp3 player. 
We are using drupal (version 6), which is a highly flexible open source 
content management system. There are probably simpler ways of doing what 
you want than using drupal, but its advantage is you can use the same 
system to add on loads of extra functions if and when you need them.

Drupal includes a module called media mover, which uses ffmpeg to 
automatically transcode media files to the format of your choice. We are 
actually using this for video transcoding and thumbnailing, but I think 
it can be used for audio files as well. The only trouble at the moment 
is that in the 6.x version, there are some outstanding bugs which are 
currently awkward (though possible) to work around. This will probably 
be cured in time (by me if no-one else...)

See potatopark.clearerchannel.org for a very early demo of the site. 
There are also some sample sites on the drupal home page.


Dominic Sacré wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to make a large collection of audio files available through a 
> HTTP server. The collection consists of mostly Ogg Vorbis and MP3, and a 
> couple of files in other formats. Unfortunately, the client that's 
> supposed to play the files does not support any of these formats except 
> for MP3.
> Is there any way to set up a webserver that will automatically convert 
> the various audio file formats to MP3?
> I'm not looking for a web radio, instead each file should be accessible 
> individually and look just like a regular MP3 to the client. Some kind 
> of streaming would be nice though (so the client can start playback 
> before the whole file is converted/transferred).
> Any suggestions how this could be done?
> Thanks,
> Dominic
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