[LAU] [OT] - a little help with kernel building

Garry Ogle garry.ogle at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 05:53:52 EDT 2009

Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello all!
>    I'm just compiling/configuring a vanilla kernel. Only with the 
> current configuration it won't start.
>    When I boot and I can choose the kernel and it tries to start, but then the 
> two LEDs on my keyboard (as in letters and numbers :-) ) start to blink 
> rhythmically and nothing else happens.
>    Does anyone of you have some standard ideas of, what to change? I already 
> tried:
> 1. The RCU settings
> 2. disabled tickless system
> 3. disabled control groups
> 4. double-checked, that I chose the correct CPU and ACPI settings
>    Points I'm not sure about are some of the memory options. There are options 
> to disallow extensive access of /dev/mem, checking for corrupt memory and 
> something concerning AMI and PHOENIX biosen to have the first 64k of memory. 
> Those weren't there the last time I made my kernel.
>    If anyone has helpful hints (not take a look at the screen please! :-) ), 
> then I'd be _VERY_ grateful!
>    Kindest regards
>           Julien

Hi, Julien.

A couple of things caught me out on a recent kernel build that may or 
may not be relevant to you.
If you are building the kernel the "Debian way" using make-kpkg, you now 
have to take the additional step of:

	 update-initramfs -c -k

after installing the kernel deb.
Check that you have an initrd line in your grub menu.lst entry and that 
it points to something sensible.

I also discovered that it helps to have the appropriate modules for the 
disc drives compiled in! Yes really!

WRT to new config options I accepted the defaults which seems to work fine.

Regards, G.

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