[LAU] Live Creator: Please listen and comment (It's funky)

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Mon Aug 17 13:19:40 EDT 2009

On Monday August 17 2009 17.15.08 Carlo Capocasa wrote:

> Did I get that right, you didn't hear the drums at all?

I did hear a  very low kick, snare and Hi-Hat on very moderate volume. My 
suggestion is that you do something more funky and human like.

But you should _not_ follow my suggestions if you happens to like the things 
the way they are, or you just don't like my suggestions, and if this is your 
style, then forget what I think.  If you want to do it the way you already 
have (that can be very cool), then you should probably try to clean it up and 
work further with it.


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