[LAU] Live Creator: Please listen and comment (It's funky)

Carlo Capocasa theman at carlocapocasa.com
Tue Aug 18 02:20:41 EDT 2009

> I did hear a  very low kick, snare and Hi-Hat on very moderate volume. My 
> suggestion is that you do something more funky and human like.

Ah, that clarifies. Great!

> But you should _not_ follow my suggestions if you happens to like the things 
> the way they are, or you just don't like my suggestions, and if this is your 
> style, then forget what I think.  If you want to do it the way you already 
> have (that can be very cool), then you should probably try to clean it up and 
> work further with it.

No worries. Please feel free to express whatever your opinion is, to 
whatever intensity you want to. I will take it as your opinion and use 
it as that.

Thanks again! Your valuable feedback is much appreciated.


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