[LAU] balanced xlr to stereo line in

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Wed Aug 26 05:52:37 EDT 2009

Dan S kirjoitti:
> I've done that in the past (not by choice though!). In SuperCollider
> this would decode it and play it out:
> x = {  In.ar(0) - In.ar(1)  }.play;

Yep, thats what I figured. Was just wondering that if there is ome 
magical reason why it would be bad thing to do after louzy mic/line 
input of a soundcard. What would make it even worse decision than to 
just use the unbalanced cable.

I'm hoping to have this one simple app that isn't doing anything else 
than this conversion and what I could route the input signal through in 
jack. So something like command line app with no parameters. Just start 
it and route the channels in jack. Would be very simple to do, although 
a source code of super simple jack app would be usefull as I have never 
programmed a true jack app, only couple using fluidsynth as a soundengine.


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