[LAU] balanced xlr to stereo line in

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Wed Aug 26 06:41:43 EDT 2009

Jari Suominen schrieb:
> Dan S kirjoitti:
>> I've done that in the past (not by choice though!). In SuperCollider
>> this would decode it and play it out:
>> x = {  In.ar(0) - In.ar(1)  }.play;
> Yep, thats what I figured. Was just wondering that if there is ome 
> magical reason why it would be bad thing to do after louzy mic/line 
> input of a soundcard. What would make it even worse decision than to 
> just use the unbalanced cable.
the balancedcables are invented against interferences like humming or 
cellphone-stuff so when you have no problem with that you don't need a 
balanced cable.
i think the noise of the preamp da-converter will sum up so that this is 
only a emergency solution.

you can generate a command line app with faust.
i think you can put the following code into the online compiler 
_process = _-_;

> I'm hoping to have this one simple app that isn't doing anything else 
> than this conversion and what I could route the input signal through in 
> jack. So something like command line app with no parameters. Just start 
> it and route the channels in jack. Would be very simple to do, although 
> a source code of super simple jack app would be usefull as I have never 
> programmed a true jack app, only couple using fluidsynth as a soundengine.
> ........j
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