[LAU] To improve Linux audio tools: a Blender like idea

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 07:29:06 EDT 2009

Ray Rashif wrote:
> Wasn't this discussed before? I forgot the subject of the thread, but 
> the conclusion was pretty much already there and it answers your 
> enthusiasm - the initiative has to be independent of the Blender 
> Foundation, a certain group of people will undertake the project and 
> then submit a proposal for its use to the Blender Foundation (as they 
> see fit).
This thread is about a plan for a Blender like project for audio tools, 
independent from Blender totally.

that other thread is about the possibility for making a soundtrack for 
Blender with open audio tools.

Sorry for the confusion....

(I reply in the other thread about this)

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