[LAU] Blender Open Movie Projects: Soundtrack made by Open audio tools!?

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 07:36:58 EDT 2009

Grammostola Rosea wrote:
> Hi,
> I was a bit surprised that the soundtracks made for the open movie 
> projects of Blender (which are great!), are made with proprietary 
> software. So I opened a discussion about this on their forums and got a 
> reply from the producer of the projects Ton Roosendaal:
> http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=74539#74539
> The discussion is if the open source audio tools are good enough to do 
> such a project and if there are people who are able to do the job of 
> making a soundtrack for the open movie projects with those open source 
> audio tools.
> Join the discussion on that forum if you want.
> \r
Ray says:
> Wasn't this discussed before? I forgot the subject of the thread, but 
> the conclusion was pretty much already there and it answers your 
> enthusiasm - the initiative has to be independent of the Blender 
> Foundation, a certain group of people will undertake the project and 
> then submit a proposal for its use to the Blender Foundation (as they 
> see fit).
Yes, that's one part of the discussion, like Ton suggested. Would be 
cool if OpenSource artists pick this up. Unfortunately I can't say about 
myself to be talented and experienced enough to make a soundtrack, but I 
bet others (musicians/sound synthesis artist) are.

Also the composer of the soundtrack responded:
> I don't mean any disrespect to their developers, mind you; quite the 
> contrary. But creating film music "in the box" with modern means – 
> which typically encompasses hundreds of mixed MIDI and audio tracks, 
> resource-hungry software samplers, terabytes of samples, distributed 
> network processing, shellproof video sync, and DSP-heavy signal flows 
> rivalling those of large scoring stages – routinely pushes even the 
> most advanced commercial software to the brink of collapse. I'm all 
> for not giving up and continuing to reach for the sky, but at times 
> (precisely, when tight budgets and deadlines are involved) one has to 
> be pragmatic and acknowledge that there's no Blender for audio yet. 

What do we think? Is he right or is it possible with applications like 
Ardour, Qjadeo, Rosegarden/OpenOctave, LinuxSampler, 

And when talking about resource-hungry, networking processing etc. isn't 
GNU/Linux suitable for this?

What if he gets some support to do it with open source tools? Or don't 
we have Blender for audio yet and is her right?

(Maybe it's good to do the discussion on the Blender forum too).


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