[LAU] Blender Open Movie Projects: Soundtrack made by Open audio tools!?

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 08:30:28 EDT 2009

I'd agree; there's no Blender-for-Audio yet.

If you're familiar with 3D Graphics, you'd know that Blender's situation is
different to that of, say, Inkscape. For much the same reason, it's
different from Ardour's. Its suitability for the "industry" is just behind
Cinelerra. The equation would be something like this:

GIMP (raster) < Inkscape (vector) < Ardour (audio) < Cinelerra (film) <
Blender (3D)

So as we can see, Blender fairs well in its market. It's so capable that
it's one of the choices for a _professional_ graphic designer. It's used in
educational institutes, it's got certifications, it's got good level of
marketing, a bigger following (majority of whom can't be bothered about
open-source). In short, it is pragmatically well-equipped to serve in its
field as a _major_ player. Consider that you have about a dozen other
alternatives to 3D, pitted against the beasts like Maya and 3DSM. See? Most
of us can only name 2 major products.

Ardour needs to be able to put a pro-audio consumer into a dilemma. That has
not happened yet. The market here is more saturated, hence tougher. A
15-year-old HipHop kid knows at least 5 products which he plans to torrent.

To narrow down the scope, we can see that certain tools are definitely
industry-ready. AMBdec for instance, is one of the few key players in
Ambisonics. It is included as one of the recommendations on
ambisonia.comand as such can hold its own.
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