[LAU] another csound vs supercollider question

cunnilinux himself cunnilinux at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 08:10:04 EDT 2009

> Like Dan said, it depends on what you're running, in hardware and software.
> I've used both systems in realtime, each performs very well in Linux with an
> rt-enabled kernel.

hardware - amd 64
software - the goal is to do the entire job with a single piece of
software. no gui for live acts, just hardware MIDI controllers.

> Which one you prefer really depends on other factors, e.g. language type,
> available opcodes, GUI, etc.

for me, those factors are (a) playing live with (b) algorythmic
compostion, and (c) synths/fx that no one else uses. and of course (d)
proper software must be GPL.
either csound and supercolider are (d) and powerful enough for (b) &
(c), but i'm interested if one of them performs better for (a).

well, i've been on csound for quite a long while, but heard about
supercollider too much, and finally i have to decide is it worth to
give it a try :)

sex, bike, open source!

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