[LAU] ableton live in vmware

Atte Andre Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 13:38:31 EDT 2009


I'm about to consider trying out ableton live. Since I don't have 
windows (or macOS) installed, I'm thinking about installing the windows 
(vista) I got with my laptop in vmware. But first I'd like to ask a few 
questions here:

1) Doesn't anyone here have first hand experience with running ableton 
live through vmware?

2) Does it run fast/slow?

3) Can it be used with jack?

4) How about jack transport (for syncing other apps)?

5) Something not working?

6) Something to avoid?

7) Anything special I should do?

Other non-first-hand experiences are also welcome.

NB: I'm hoping we could avoid a) it's-closed-source-and-therefore-sucks 
and b) it's-a-crappy-app-in-the-first-place :-)


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