[LAU] ableton live in vmware

Niklas Klügel niklas.kluegel at mytum.de
Sun Aug 30 17:36:27 EDT 2009

Atte Andre Jensen schrieb:
> Josh Lawrence wrote:
>> I'm convinced that, if anyone on the face of the planet can pull off
>> writing an AL-alike application, it would be you, Paul.  :)
> I'm not Paul, but I'd be willing to participate in such a project.
> Actually this (a live daw) might be the largest blind angle in linux 
> audio, and as others I survive with good-enough home brewed stuff (mine 
> is done in chuck, I imagine most use pd or supercollider). Mine is 
> working ok, getting more and more polished, but still only does what I 
> need the most (although some of that is outside the scope of live, like 
> algorithmic improvisations guided by user input).
> If I had a (much) better performing backend and a drag/drop + 
> midi-leaning gui, I'd be most of the way for my needs. If my effords 
> were put into a common codebase where others implemented *their* needs, 
> I wonder how far we'd be :-)
> Any thought? Any almost-there project that we could/should convince to 
> take a live turn and throw our efforts into? Maybe if the community 
> could work out a proposed roadmap, we could look at it together, see who 
> could work on what and if the required skills were within reach.
> NB: I never used ableton live, but saw it, know others that use it, and 
> it *seems* to be a time saver for what I do live.
> NB2: I'm not gonna start the above mentioned project myself. There are 
> too many areas (esp gui programming) that I know nothing about.
I am currently writing something comparable for my master-thesis. The 
thesis itself is about collaborative applications (using 
multitouch-tech.), their design and change of paradigms in current 
interface-design principles. As example/proof of some concepts, I am 
writing a sequencer that's geared towards live-sequencing. It 
incorporates a lot of interesting concepts for music 
notation/sequencing; in a way it is like ableton live insofar that it 
supports outlining and playing with musical ideas independent from a 
main-arrangement - just like live does with the triggering clips in 
slots in the grid-based view. It is more abstract and general/powerful, 
though. The sequencer itself outputs OSC and primarily drives 
supercollider but you can use anything else on the synthesizer-side of 
course (like processing to sequence visuals (according to the music)). 
The application will be ready around december (deadline for the thesis). 
The code base is fairly abstract, so more common devices for 
input/controling like mice/keyboard/midi-controlls or any other 
TUIO-stuff can be supported. I am planning to add some functionalities 
that increase the workflow on the usual (single-user input) 
computer-setup afterwards.
I've been producing music commercially for some years now mainly using 
ableton live and a sequencer with a similar workflow is what kept me 
from using linux or F/OSS as main production tools; so I expect the 
final application to be basic, but quite usable :)

As a side note, keep an eye on the awesome Renoise, since they are 
adding more and more live-features (midi-control/learning for 
device-control (fx/synth) etc is already quite good); patterns can be 
triggered live but currently not via midi.


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