[LAU] M-Audio Transit on Fedora Core 8

Louis Gorenfeld louis.gorenfeld at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 19:37:50 EDT 2009

  I have a Fedora Core 8 machine that I am trying to get an M-Audio
Transit to work on (USB audio device).  I am currently getting output
via both aplay and jack (both with ardour and rosegarden), but haven't
been able to get any input with arecord or these jack programs.  The
input device opens fine, but I don't hear anything.  I have set the
mic volume set to max using alsactl, and tried flipping a "mic
capture" boolean also with alsactl.  I've also tried the latest
vanilla kernel from kernel.org which comes with a later ALSA driver.
  What is confusing is that this device works in Fedora Core 11, so
I'm wondering what else could be different in FC11 that would cause
this to work besides just a later ALSA driver set.  Updating to FC11
is not an option at the moment.

- Louis

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