[LAU] Phonic Helix Board 12 FireWire MKIIcompatibility(linux/ffado)

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:06:47 EST 2009

That would be a good deed.

Probably Pete has more pressing needs than me, but still. The things I'd
like to know of the top of my head are basically:
- if it's relatively stable.
- no artifacts in the sound, clicks etc, recording for a while with lowish
latency should prove "something"
- What kind of latency to expect, this might be a bit of work to determine.
Not sure myself how to do it other than tuning a complete system and
bringing the buffers down to the lowest that are usable.

I had an Edirol FA101 a few years back but to me it fell short of the mark.
- Freebob had a built in latency issue back then (the latency could vary), I
hear this should be much improved in ffado.
- Lowest buffer settings I could get was something along the lines of 3x192.
But there were clicks. Besides 3x192 is not good enough for me, my brain
can't keep up with that kind of latency. ;)
I think I read somewhere that the first gen firewire audio interfaces had
built in latency that has since been improved. Not sure which gen the Phonic
hw relates to... or if this is all a hoax :)


2009/2/4 Simon W. Fielding <s.fielding at wmcce.org>

> > Hi,
> > if you do "risk" it, be sure to let us know, especially if there are
> problems ;)
> > I've been looking at buying one of these myself (possibly one of the
> bigger
> > devices but hopefully they are the same).
> > Rgds,
> > Robert
> If there's anything specific you'd like me to try, I can probably find
> an hour or so
> to experiment with this at work, although I only have a few mikes to
> play with. If
> you can wait a few days, I can probably borrow it over the weekend for
> slightly more
> extended tests.
> Cheers,
> Simon
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