[LAU] demo song

Tapani Sysimetsä tapani.sysimetsa at rokki.net
Fri Feb 13 08:41:51 EST 2009

Bengt Gördén kirjoitti:
> Den Thursday 12 February 2009 23.33.50 skrev Tapani Sysimetsä:
>> Hi folks,
>> Metsänpeitto is now available for download at Bandcamp (ogg, mp3, FLAC,
>> etc.)
>> http://tapanisysimetsa.bandcamp.com
> Nice song. As Fons said maybe a bit more of the high freq. But hey. I have a 
> latop with intel sound card at the moment so I might just shut up :-)

Ok, thanks Bengan. I made one last tweak, and now I'll let it be, for a 
while at least... I've been listening to this song far too many times to 
realize what sounds what.

> Any English lyrics? I tried to translate the lyrics through google translation 
> but that's probably a no-no. I think I got the general mening. Then I googled 
> Metsänpeitto and found the fi.wikipedia that had a ref. to en.wikipedia. It's 
> seems that the English version is time-slip. Could that be true?
> /bengan

Gee, the Google translation is hilarious! Maybe I should make a version 
with those lyrics? I wonder how "kuoleva maa" (dying earth/nation) 
became "mortal March".

Well, maybe some day I try to translate the lyrics, thanks for your 

Metsänpeitto may include time slip, even though they are not the same. 
There are also stories about husbands who have disappeared for several 
days and then come back telling their wives how they had fallen into 
metsänpeitto. One symptom has also been that their breath has smelled 
bad. I guess they indeed have experienced a kind of time slip too...


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