[LAU] Are there Guitar Tab Editors supporting uneven time signatures?

ben brouits at free.fr
Fri Feb 13 11:19:37 EST 2009

Viktor Mastoridis a écrit :
> Hello to all,
> I play bouzouki and guitar and most of my music repertoire is in
> (Eastern European) uneven time signatures (5/8, 7/8, 9/8 etc).
> I was trying to write Guitar/Bouzouki tablature/notation of this music
> on Linux in the past but without much success.
> The main (hidden) problem with these rhythms is the grouping of notes, i.e.
> 5/8 can be 2+3/8 or 3+2/8,
> 7/8 is 2+2+3/8 or 3+2+2/8 etc...
> Thus the grouping of the notes needs to reflect this fact as it is
> essential for the performer.

That's interesting to me. Do you mean you would like to have ability to
write a (e.g.) 2+3/8 time signature or want to write a (e.g.) 5/8 time
signature then force the processor behavior to groups as (e.g.) 2+3 ?

- ben

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