[LAU] 24-bit files and hisss....

Bearcat M. Şandor hometheater at feline-soul.com
Sun Feb 15 04:11:01 EST 2009

On Sunday 15 February 2009 01:25:10 Ray Rashif wrote:
>  AFAIK, this is due to the lack of proper/complete 24-bit format support.
> Use Aqualung.
Thanks Ray, I tried aqualung,  I like it a bit, but it still doesn't play 
these files. When i try to load one, it says "flac_decoder_open: FLAC file 
with 6 channels is unsupported."

However, i've been able to play that same file in kmplayer (using mplayer) 
just a few times. I'll start playing it, let it finish or go to another track 
and then when i try to play it again  i get nothing or static. Playing a 
normal 16-bit/44.1 track works fine.  Then i'll try it again a few days later 
and, no problem, but i only get a few plays from this album.

Any ideas folks?

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