[LAU] Current favourites for new hardware?

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Thu Feb 19 23:03:52 EST 2009

On Thu Feb 19 22:08 , "Gordon J. C. Pearce MM3YEQ"  sent:

>What are the current recommendations and "avoids" in motherboards and
>graphics cards these days?
>I'm currently using a Sempron 3400 with a completely shite Via
>motherboard (slow, buggy onboard sound, slow, buggy onboard network,
>pathetically slow onboard video since my NVidia card failed).  Are there
>any particular chipsets to go for?
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It depends on what the purpose of your machine is... 
HTPC, audio production, gaming.... 

I would generally keep away from VIA though. 
I have no experience with the current AMD line of chips (7xx series).... 

The current and slightly older Intel chipset line up are good for disk throughput
and compatibility (so long as you have a reasonably new distro/kernel for ones
with JMicron disk controllers)

Can't tell you about the audio or video on these .. 
as my intel chipset board is on an audio production system with a soundcard for
that purpose and does not have onboard sound.

My HTPC is a 939 motherboard with an ATI rs486 chipset .. but I am using an
nvidia video card... the audio (using optical out) works magically.. I actually
transferred the system from an n-force board and had very little to do to get it
working.... .

I would always recommend an Nvidia n-force board but these are very pricey.. 
I also have a preference for nvidia based video cards, although propietary, I
have never had any trouble with the drivers even for linux gaming...

As for mobo brands... my last few have been gigabyte.. but I have had abit, MSI
and I have a DFI on my HTPC... 

With a new purchase, go for something with solid capacitors and preferably no
onboard fans... (not many have them anymore)... Generally a mid-range model will
be more reliable than the bottom end, but you probably don't need a top of range
motherboard unless you are planning on serious gaming. I have a personal
preference for gigabyte at the moment.. but there probably isn't much difference
between the brands right now.  


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