[LAU] Current favourites for new hardware?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Feb 20 01:33:03 EST 2009

Gordon J. C. Pearce MM3YEQ wrote:

> What are the current recommendations and "avoids" in motherboards and
> graphics cards these days?
> I'm currently using a Sempron 3400 with a completely shite Via
> motherboard (slow, buggy onboard sound, slow, buggy onboard network,
> pathetically slow onboard video since my NVidia card failed).  Are there
> any particular chipsets to go for?

I just put a Biostar motherboard (also with a Sempron 3400) in my server 
box. I'm not using the onboard sound, but everything else works fine, 
including the onboard NVidia 6150.

I've been told to run, not walk, from motherboards with Sis graphics chips.

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