[LAU] New Raggae from Germany... :-)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Jul 12 15:40:07 EDT 2009

Hello everyone!
   Here's some new music from me. Again something from a different season:
   (Unfortunitely no ogg-deficient version fromme :-) )
   It's a piece about a better world, well about how it could be a bit nicer.
   Software used:
Nama (as always)
fluidsynth (for the bass)
LinuxSampler (for drums and brass)
praat (for some voice editing)


A world of trust
With regard for the meak,
Where the peoples are just
And freedom is, what they seek.
A society where
For the weakest we care,
The parole we call:
all for one, one for all!

Yes we would,
If we could
Distribute and share our hope.
Yes we would
Stop sliding down the slope
Yes we would make love a vision
Of the world and future days, that we can see
[ho ho ho :-) ]
We're sure, you would agree:
It might be nice.

A time, when the queer
Can move anywhere,
Without any fear
To be hanged on the square.
A place and a time
For all warfare to rest.
Let's put to the test
This vision to rise...
Flourish and shine

[changed chorus]
Yes we can,
Like one man,
Distribute and share our hope.
Yes we can
Stop sliding down the slope.
Yes we will make love a vision
Of the world and future days, that we can see
We're sure you can agree:
It will be nice

   Feedback, as ever is highly welcome and greatfully invited!
   Kindest regards

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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