[LAU] The Many Ways of Pam Limits...

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Mon Jul 20 14:23:50 EDT 2009

Brent Busby kirjoitti:
> On Sun, 19 Jul 2009, Paul Davis wrote:
> [...]  details on pam_limits snipped
> Thank you for this information...  That answers all my questions.

I got one more. I just installed new Eeebuntu version to my EEE and am 
not able to get enough memory locked. Or something like that. I have 
used the memlock 250000 setting in the past and it have worked but if I 
try it now, Jack don't even start. If I lower the memlock setting lower, 
at some point I get the Jack started, but memory amount is so low that I 
got xruns like hell.

If I run Jack server + apps as sudo, everything works smoothly.

Does anyone have an idea how I could get everything working without 
sudoing the apps?



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