[LAU] The Many Ways of Pam Limits...

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue Jul 21 06:22:44 EDT 2009

Quoting "Jari Suominen" <jari.suominen at helsinki.fi>:

> Brent Busby kirjoitti:
>> On Sun, 19 Jul 2009, Paul Davis wrote:
>> [...]  details on pam_limits snipped
>> Thank you for this information...  That answers all my questions.
> I got one more. I just installed new Eeebuntu version to my EEE and am
> not able to get enough memory locked. Or something like that. I have
> used the memlock 250000 setting in the past and it have worked but if I
> try it now, Jack don't even start. If I lower the memlock setting lower,
> at some point I get the Jack started, but memory amount is so low that I
> got xruns like hell.

To diagnose the issue, we would need to see the exact error message.  
Meanwhile, you could try checking whether the limits you've put in  
limits.conf are actually in effect.

In a (bash) shell, running:
  ulimit -l     will tell you how much memory you can lock
  ulimit -r     will tell you at what realtime priority you can run software

On a system like a netbook, you can also try 'jackd --no-mlock' or  
'jackd --unlock'. Unlock will make jack not lock some parts of the  
memory (gui toolkits etc.), no-mlock just skips memlock totally.


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