[LAU] music made with L (russian doom-folk made in berlin)

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Jul 29 04:59:11 EDT 2009

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Julien Claassen schrieb:
> Hello Hartmut!

Thanks a lot for your very useful feedback :-)

>   And here is the BUT :-) It sounds a bit out of time sometimes. And in
> a way, that suggests to my ears rather misplaying than controlled chaos.
> :-) The cymbals on the left sometimes have the feeling and one of the
> distorted guitars. It creates a disturbance in the flow of the song.

again you proved your most acute hearing, Julian :-)
indeed we had not had much time yet to finish the song. As of now it is
based on a first take-demo that we recorded without a click (I'll never
do that again...) so it was quite challenging to synch the overdubs.
This goes for some of the guitars. Vince heared the tune the first time
as he  dropped by in the studio literally on his way to spain, so we
recorded some ideas and the outro was one, Maria liked the most.
The cymbals are on my account though - seems i just forgot to correct
them... thanks again for pointing me to those :-)

best regs
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