[LAU] music made with L (russian doom-folk made in berlin)

Carlos Sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 12:35:26 EDT 2009

Sorry, Hartmut, for mistake of your name. The problems of writing in
mobile devices XD

2009/7/29, Carlos Sanchiavedraz <csanchezgs at gmail.com>:
> Interesting and very peculiar and personal song, Halmut.
> And, as Julien, It reminds me Deep Purple's "Child in Time" and I also
> add my BUT ;)
> There are some parts out of tune in the begining and some other places
> (guitar and voice at least). And maybe try to make it smoother when
> you turn the volume down on the distorted guitar, unless you want
> exactly that way.
> Thanks for sharing.
> 2009/7/29, Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de>:
>> Hello Hartmut!
>>    the song has a very special kind of charm to its name. The singer's
>> voice
>> is
>> certainly one I would recognise, only after having heard this song.
>> Always
>> reminds me a bit of "child in time" though. :-)
>>    The recording quality sounds nice to my ears, the drums sounds, with
>> their
>> effects, sound really fat and much to my liking.
>>    And here is the BUT :-) It sounds a bit out of time sometimes. And in
>> a
>> way,
>> that suggests to my ears rather misplaying than controlled chaos. :-) The
>> cymbals on the left sometimes have the feeling and one of the distorted
>> guitars. It creates a disturbance in the flow of the song.
>>    Besides that though, it's in its own way: lovely. Although I wouldn't
>> really
>> use "lovely" as a description of the song. :-)
>>    Friendly regards
>>           Julien
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