[LAU] AVLinux (Was: a bunch of stuff) - ArtistX

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Jul 30 04:42:01 EDT 2009

frank pirrone wrote:
> andy baxter wrote:
>> Folderol wrote:
>>>> I'm not taking the distro flamewar-bait either.
>>>> AVLinux does look very tasty. I'm happy with Lenny for now, but as it gets further and further out of date over the next year or two, I might consider trying something different.
>>>> -ken
>>> I had a quick look at this but what I find disturbing is that it
>>> trashes any partitions it uses, including /home! That's just not
>>> aceptable.
>> Thanks for the warning. Was thinking I might try it but will give it a 
>> miss now.
>> andy
> Been using ArtistX http://www.artistx.org for some time, and it's an 
> exceptionally complete distro for audio/video/graphics work, includes 
> all productivity apps as well.  Large install as a consequence, 9.8GB, 
> but for an explorer as well as a user it's good to go right from the 
> install.

I have both UbuntuStudio and ArtistX on my musicbox laptop. They both 
run. They both use the same kernel. ArtistX is loaded to the gills with 
audio, video and graphics applications. When I use UbuntuStudio, I'm 
always going, "Shoot, they don't have that program installed ... " And 
Ubuntu Studio gives me problems with xruns and announcements that 
there's not enough CPU available to run whatever synth I have running.

I tried adding Ubuntu's RT kernel to my first US install, and all it did 
was trash the US installation.

I like ArtistX. Hefty but very complete.

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