[LAU] AVLinux (Was: a bunch of stuff)

R.Wolff musicwolf at web.de
Thu Jul 30 10:24:53 EDT 2009

Simply leave your 'home' directory on the root partition for installing and move 
it afterwars to where you want.
I've been bitten by this the first time I installed AVLinux, but fortunately
I had recent backups of my home drive.


Raphael ;)

andy baxter wrote:
> Folderol wrote:
>>> I'm not taking the distro flamewar-bait either.
>>> AVLinux does look very tasty. I'm happy with Lenny for now, but as it gets further and further out of date over the next year or two, I might consider trying something different.
>>> -ken
>> I had a quick look at this but what I find disturbing is that it
>> trashes any partitions it uses, including /home! That's just not
>> aceptable.
> Thanks for the warning. Was thinking I might try it but will give it a 
> miss now.
> andy
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