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Frank Pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 18:57:04 EST 2009

Bengt Gördén wrote:
> Den Tuesday 03 March 2009 03.09.48 skrev Gabriel M. Beddingfield:
>> Mark Knecht wrote:
>>>> http://packet-in.org/repo/RPM09/~final_mixes
>>>>   Enjoy
>>>>         Julien :-)
>>> This link didn't work for me. Sorry.
>> http://packet-in.org/repo/RPM09/_final_mixes/
> I've got the songs on my mobile all day and been listening to them. I thought 
> I share my thoughts about them. Over all I like it and hope the songs will be 
> listened to at RPM Challenge. One thing i can say is that every song gets 
> better for every time I listen to them. One thing that would be nice is if 
> you could compile a file with all the lyrics in. It's nice to read the lyrics 
> when listening to the songs.
> Audacity
> Cool spoken-words-song with nice text. I read something in a magazine the 
> other day and that was "writing poetry is when you're not able to tell a 
> story". This proves that it isn't like that. Really good.
> Candle Against the Wind
> Good start. At first the vocals sounds a bit pitchy but as the song goes on it 
> gets better. The song grows for every time I listen to it.
> Cindy
> A bit pitchy in the middle but I like it. Good ending. I get Beatles feeling 
> about the ending.
> Dreamt Funk 4 Teyssibro
> I like the ruff jazzy sound of this. It some times sounds like two songs.
> Eca S Sound
> Mannfred Mann meets Iron Maiden featuring Omar Dykes (without the howling) as 
> a singer :-). Julien I gather from the attribution file.
> Freedom
> Oooo. The solo guitar gives me Santana feeling. Nice.
> Jack and Jill
> A feel-good song. Nice. The more I listen to it the more I like it. I feel 
> connected with the first lines of the first verse "It gets cold and lonely, 
> in my studio at night". My own studio is in the basement and it is -15 
> degrees celsius outside.
> Love Me
> At first I was really puzzled by the lyrics but after a few rounds I got my 
> head around it. I like the Bossa style of it.
> Soft Hearted Woman
> Nice groove. The guitar sounds a bit loud though.
> Took a Step
> I get Latin jazz feeling here. The ending was suprising. Nice relaxing tune.
> /bengan
Thanks for the kind words Bengan.  I'm glad you derived some enjoyment 
from our work.  I'm attaching a file of lyrics for this year's RPM09 as 
well as RPM08 to songs I contributed, including some that never got 
done.  I'll also post this in the /user_frank directory of our project 

I never found enough time to get either my vocals or my guitar parts 
right.  I struggle with singing in making it sound like a singer's voice 
rather than someone crooning in the shower!  Part of my problem was 
sitting down in front of a microphone rather than standing up, dancing 
around, and getting in the "spirit" of a performance.   That's me on 
Candle, Eca's chorus, Freedom, Jack, Soft, and Took.

Again, really appreciate your song-by-song comments.


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