[LAU] Spring of '23

TheOther theother1510 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 4 12:52:16 EST 2009

Hello Dave,

I've not listened to all of your songs, but of the ones I've heard, 
this is definitely your best work.

You went for a mood, and you nailed it.  Melancholy, underlying anger, 
regret... they're all in there and eloquently stated.

The "heading for the Southlands" section shows a determination to 
overcome, but the cold man knows it is a futile effort and the 
bitterness increases.  Masterful how you get that across in so few words.

This is also the best vocal work I have heard from you.  Excellent 
voice acting to evoke the emotion that you want from the listener. 
You've succeeded in pulling me into the drama and making me feel what 
the cold man feels.  If I were to meet the cold man, I would know 
exactly why he is the way he is.  Simply superb.

If you've done other work along this type of ballad, please tell me.

(A devotee of the Ancient Greek science of music.  See-- On Music in 
Three Books by Aristides Quintilianus. ISBN 0-300-02893-8)

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