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Thu Mar 5 03:00:46 EST 2009


Any info would be appreciated. It would certainly help me to make, what i
hope, is better decisions.

For further thought, i'm considering lashing the two boxes together with
twin Gigabit Ethernet cards in each, to maximise throughput.

The initial intention for consideration is 64GB ram in the Sampler box (to
run a big orchestral template entirely 'live'), and 32GB in the DAW box.

A further question arises from this concerning Netjack.

Can i use multiple in/outs with netjack? Or is the connection single audio
midi in/out only?
Or can i simply use GB ethernet to stream audio midi directly to/from LS
in/out, and use just Jack on the daw box to handle any ports/clients?


On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Bengt Gördén <bengan at bag.org> wrote:

> Den Wednesday 04 March 2009 22.07.57 skrev alex stone:
> > I have a question about running linux in ram.
> >
> >
> > The Scenario.
> >
> > I'm researching building a dedicated Lsampler box, running headless, with
> > netjack doing the ins and outs.
> >
> > Given the usually large templates i run (full orchestra), including a lot
> > of articulations, i'm wondering how feasible it would be to build a
> > barebones Linux OS, with linuxsampler as the sole app, more or less, (and
> > required libs, etc...), and run the entire thing in ram, that is, the OS,
> > Lsampler, and samples.
> >
> > Is this possible, and if someone's already tried this in some form or
> other
> > successfully or otherwise, could you share some experiences, pros and
> cons,
> > etc... ?
> Hi Alex,
> We have a home brew at work that is a Liveubuntu with some extra
> mayonnaise.
> PXE-boot (net boot) of the kernel through a boot server (Ubuntu 8.04). All
> runs in memory. Everything you install (from the boot server) on desktop OS
> (Ubuntu) can be saved as a file with apt-get install set and reinstalls
> automatically when you boot next time. This makes us a hardware independent
> up to the point whats in our kenrel. I was not the designer of the system
> so
> I don't have the intricate details of it but if you're interested I could
> ask
> (not that hard. the designer is sitting 3 doors down) about them. I do
> remember a caveat about booting. The initrd can't hold more than xx amount
> of
> data and that made the designer do some trick to get around that. What I
> can
> about the system is that you'll need at least 2G of memory to run smoothly.
> /bengan
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