[LAU] all in ram?

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Thu Mar 5 02:42:20 EST 2009

Den Wednesday 04 March 2009 22.07.57 skrev alex stone:
> I have a question about running linux in ram.
> The Scenario.
> I'm researching building a dedicated Lsampler box, running headless, with
> netjack doing the ins and outs.
> Given the usually large templates i run (full orchestra), including a lot
> of articulations, i'm wondering how feasible it would be to build a
> barebones Linux OS, with linuxsampler as the sole app, more or less, (and
> required libs, etc...), and run the entire thing in ram, that is, the OS,
> Lsampler, and samples.
> Is this possible, and if someone's already tried this in some form or other
> successfully or otherwise, could you share some experiences, pros and cons,
> etc... ?

Hi Alex,

We have a home brew at work that is a Liveubuntu with some extra mayonnaise. 
PXE-boot (net boot) of the kernel through a boot server (Ubuntu 8.04). All 
runs in memory. Everything you install (from the boot server) on desktop OS 
(Ubuntu) can be saved as a file with apt-get install set and reinstalls 
automatically when you boot next time. This makes us a hardware independent 
up to the point whats in our kenrel. I was not the designer of the system so 
I don't have the intricate details of it but if you're interested I could ask 
(not that hard. the designer is sitting 3 doors down) about them. I do 
remember a caveat about booting. The initrd can't hold more than xx amount of 
data and that made the designer do some trick to get around that. What I can 
about the system is that you'll need at least 2G of memory to run smoothly.


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